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Unlimited Colour Printing

Making it cool to wear the white T-shirt again!

06-male-tshirt-mockup copy 2.png

We take care of the small details and believe that each printed T-shirt can make an impact.

Reviving the T-shirt with a modern *(twist/touch/appeal), and with unlimited colours, we at JimmyT’z Vintage Inc. have created the ultimate “Tee” to wear- “Making It Cool To wear White T Shirts Again!  We are unique in our modern printing methods, in that No other printed T-shirt is comparable to the vivid and sharp colours, the No hand feel to the image, the amazing wash fastness, and overall long lasting durability of both the t-shirt and the absorbed image within the fabric material. Our method is NOT  DTF ( direct to film using adhesive hot melt powders; our method is NOT DTG ( direct to garment which requires the use of pre-treatment chemicals). Our method is the JTZ (Jimmy T’z method), which is an environmentally safe and responsible UNLIMITED colour method of printing. 

All images are originals and not enhanced  in any way
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